[solved] Windows 10 and now plugins crash :/

Hey all!

I recently upgraded to Windows 10, and since then some of my xrns files dont open anymore. They freeze and I get a “wait for the program to respond” dialog.

Is there a way to find which plugin instances cause the crash, so that I can reinstall them? (some crash log or something, so that I don’t have to remove them one by one to figure it out).

Also it seems Renoise is permanently using 16% of CPU when it hangs like this, a bit like a loop.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Neil / Da Celsius 9T6 Protracker Amiga demo crew

There is a log, maybe you can find some informations here:


VstPlugs: Trying to instantiate C:\Program Files\sound\Vstplugins\GuitarRig 2.dll

thanks mate :wink:

Just to give you all an update on my rig with Windows 10, basically it was pretty much unusable. I reinstalled most my plugins, but guitar rig 4 and 5 were suddenly using 60 - 80% of my CPU, as opposed to 10% on my previous install on windows 8.1

Some plugins didnt work at all, especially the old ones like Kontakt 2 (which thankfully still work in windows 8.1). I couldnt get Fm8 to run decently either, it seemed to completely kill the CPU, even with a buffer of 1024 on my Motu Audio Express.

Windows rollback feature : best thing ever invented. :stuck_out_tongue: