[Solved] Windows: Sluggish Gui Updates

Hey I’m not sure if I should put this here, but it might be a bug with DirectX or something?

While renoise in Linux is really smooth, it doesn’t update smooth at all in Windows XP! I have a speedy computer and a decent video card, shouldn’t be a problem at all… I haven’t even bothered to install the accelerated drivers in Linux yet.

Anyone know what’s up? Gaming is speedy, and no problems relating this anywhere else…

Running on a i5 2500k with Radeon HD 5770…

windows xp??? Dude, windows have caught up and ironed out most of the bullshit with the later versions.

Ah man don’t get me started, I’m this close to reinstalling windows 7…

At a certain moment I said man I don’t want to deal with this loader crack and I’m not going to buy win7 so fuck it, XP will be my last windows before switching to Linux.

I dunno man when did windows XP start sucking so bad? it takes more then two minutes to load up on my awesome PC while on my laptop it loads in well under a minute. everything works fine but just this thing here now again… is there some easy solution?

try if enabling/disabling these settings help:

GUI preferences

PS: why did you post this thread into the 2.8 beta forum section? Does this happen with 2.8 only and not with 2.7.2?

Tried it, but it’s like it’s stuck at ~20 fps update rate

sorry I will try 2.7.2 when I’m back from work, but the problem started with 2.8.

As the others said: Please check the Gui preferences. Probably you’ve set up a very low frame rate there by accident?
Also which audio driver do you use? When using insanely high latencies, the GUI will also start updating itself in higher intervals.

I double checked the GUI preferences, it’s clear. I can put it to around 20 fps and it looks about the same… using a M-Audio Delta-44 with reasonable low latency.

I’ll go check it out and reinstall v2.7.2 as well.

dunno if this’ll matter for Renoise, but have you completely updated Windows XP to the latest service pack?

ah man, my buffer size was set at 4096 samples… 90ms latency!!! that explains all, thanks for the help… I installed Pd two days ago, and I see it set my buffersize at 100ms by default… sorry guys.

Why is the speed of the gui dependent on the buffer size of the audio out device? Shouldn’t the gui update run in another independent process that always updates with the hz number given in the gui settings?