[Solved] Xrnx Plugin Problem

I am using the new Mac OSX Universal Renoise 2.6 beta on Mac OSX Version 10.6.4 (AKA Snow Leopard).
When I drag an XRNX plugin onto Renoise in the Finder, nothing happens! :panic: :panic: :panic: :panic:

did you update to beta2? beta1 had a problem with drag&drop of XRNX files on MacOs

And by the way, I know it isn’t the plugin’s fault because I tried it with another plugin, same thing.

BTW: plugin=XRNX


did you already try installing them manually as described here?

no. lemme try…

the renoise folder isn’t there! it’s hidden or something…

Hmmm… I AM a computer admin…

I don’t know on MacOS, but the same folder on Windows XP and Linux is hidden indeed, and you have to let hidden items be visible in order to reach it, which can be done in the file manager preferences

I feel like an idiot.

(sarcastically) VERY nice explaination!

(not sarcastic) I thought you drag the plugin onto the ICON, not the WINDOW. Lesson learned.