Some Basic Sampler Questions

Hi there,

since the sampler cannot do multiple layers, I would like to try out faking the differences in velocity of instruments the way it was done in the early 90’s.
Thus, I want to do 3 things:

  1. Map velocity to a cutoff filter
  2. Map velocity to sample start
  3. Map velocity to a volume envelope

This is how far I got already:

  1. I am able to do it by using the mapping device to control the filter.
  2. I could not really figure out what the pendant to sample start in Renoise actually is, which is a bit weird, since I know that it is there of course.
  3. I am unable to find out how to automate the volume envelope in the sampler, can anyone help out here?


  1. Renoise’s sampler doesn’t have a sample start or end like you may be thinking.
    I’m uncertain what exactly or how you are looking to do this, if you are trying to do this live, it is a problem.
    If not live, whatever you are trying to do can probably be done in the pattern editor with either the delay column or possibly the sample offset command. Sample offset command is the closest thing to sample start. Using the Delay Column would allow you to start the sample from note-on in minute increments.

3)An Instrument is not automatable, yet. only thing I can think of is to automate a tracks volume, and separating your layer across several tracks if needed.

I am quite surprised to hear that to be honest. As I said, it is a technique of the 90’s and since then every sampler you can think of has this functionality.
This is something that should certainly be updated in Renoise, especially considering that Renoise is supposed to be all about using samples!


Hi fladd, what you are asking will be possible once we will redesign the whole XRNI structure (see here for a bloating amount of ideas).

we are aware of these lacking features, but this is the last heritage of old trackers which we still haven’t get rid of.

in the meantime, if you need advanced sampler features, the best solution is to use an external MIDI/VST sampler.

I see, thanks It-Alien. Is this something that is to be expected in the more or less near future?
Using a VST kind of breaks my usage of Renoise (crossplatform).


certainly nothing will be made about this in next version (2.6), although scripting (the main new feature in 2.6) could allow scripters to code some improvements, but it will depend on how much the scripting language will let the user do with it, so I can’t guarantee anything about this at the moment. Of course, if ever something will be feasible using scripting, nothing would be better than a complete XRNI redesign.

I think that a so crucial change in Renoise structure is something that we will see in Renoise 3

it would be really awesome but it adds a lot since one must be able to edit and import and such. i think i read that linux sampler is working on an open format for samplers.

maybe a stupid question but is there any daw that supports multi sampling out of the box?

I feel what you mean I would like to have a similar akai style functionality in the sampler.

The sampler houses instruments, the instruments being the main functionality of the sampler, while the sample properties in instrument settings being the only real sampler aspect to the whole of the sampler, that and the editor.

I’ve thought pretty extensively on this area, I would love to see a complete redesign and revision.

So excited about finding Renoise, finally a sequencer focused on samples : D
Only my excitement is hemorrhaging as I find out all these limitations. Can’t change sample start without programming hex, no way to simultaneously trigger sample instruments (or VSTis), no playable sample portamento (awkward post recording hex programming instead).

These are basic principles which I use in my music. So I’m genuinely wondering if I can use Renoise at all.

Without using a 3rd party sampler at least, which kind of defeats the point. Especially as all currently available software samplers suck ass. (except ableton’s & reason’s)

Im not bashing, just sharing an experience. Looking forward to Renoise 3 :)

ableton. it’s one of its best features imo

I think a general problem is that the sampler is not really playable. You can programme quite a lot (yes, by using hex commands), but setting things up such that you can play it live is not possible (think of triggering more than one sample per midi, round robin, velocity layers or even just to record into different tracks). This gets problematic if your process of creation involves playing your drums/samples live instead of placing them manually. I personally would really like to see some improvement in this area, since playing (especially drums) live and record them can help a lot creativity wise. (And of course since Renoise’s marketing focuses on the internal sampler and Renoise as an instrument :) ).