some coder please !

can someone please make a small tool which can strip the loop-settings from a mass of wav-files ?

I downloaded some drumsamples from the net (some 700 over all) and all of them have a forward loop from the start to the end of the sample … I cant remove this by hand, so anyone can code something like that or can guide me to a program which does that ?

just a quick idea, haven’t tried it out, so maybe it doesn’t work, but what about using winamp?
make a playlist, and then play it back using the diskwriter.

just be sure to click on “kill null samples at beginning” in winamp.

the downside is that every rendered wav will get a number at the beginning of its filename, so you would like to render in groups (snares, bases, open hats, closed hats, etc…) to avoid chaos.

I made it with the batchconverter from sound forge, it also has an option to strip “summary information” from a wav, which does include looppoints.

i prefer cool edit but the result is the same

actually I do prefer cooledit too, but I couldnt find an option like this in the batchonverter …