Some Crackles On Playback (not while rendering)


I was just toying around with some old module-wannabe that never made it. In the middle of the ninetees-monotonik housesound there was two crackles that were caused by pattern command turning send device on and off on a neighbour track that was turned off, likewise send tracks were turned off except those that were needed, and that send track wasn’t one of them. So there should have not been any other sound coming through than bass drum or bass. Still there is sound from turning send device on and off.

Even manually turning two sends of that channel on and off while playing caused crackles. CPU meter was under 20% so no problem there. And other channels do that too!

Rendering is clean. Persists after restarting renoise.

If you turn a send on/off, what effects where on those?
some of the Renoise internal effects cause crackles when they are being turned on/off. Using them on send-tracks and then turn the send-tracks on/off should actually resolve this issue.

On send track there was a delay device and filter3 device, but I replaced them both with Kjaerhus Audio Classic Delay, which had absolutely no effect on the subject. So now there is only one active effect on send channel, which is Classic Delay.

It does not matter which channel I operate and where the sends are sending, the crackles are there. It happens when turning send devices on or off despite if the channels are OFF, MUTE or playing. But the volume of crackles is dependent on the volume of the channel that is playing, despite the fact that the crackles come from another channel that isn’t actually making the sound. So the crackels are playing from active channel but are caused by activity in channel that is turned off.

So it strongly seems that the crackles come from the actual event of switching send devices on and off, no matter what channel consist them. Crackles are most clear at channels that are generating low frequency content such ass bass and kick, on my cym ride loop they aren’t even audible.

And now I cannot even render to sample my BD track anymore to double check if that is clean. Renoise renders silence. :(

update: I was able to get rid of it by increasing asio latency. I originally thought it sounded like samples dropping out, but this should not happen on relatively low processor load. Or do activating and deactivating send devices create some huge processor usage peak even though they aren’t receiving or sending any signal? It’s kinda stupid to use 12 or 21ms latency on 48khz. Let me tell you one more time: I had nothing but kick playing, all other channels were OFF. I disabled all the effects on kick channel and on send channels. So I had absolutely minimum processor load, under 15% max. Still turning send devices on and off caused crackles, which I think they should NOT do.

You aren’t hearing me. The channel that causes playing kick or bass channel to crack is OFF, generating no sound, and should have no effect on the playing channel all together, because it is a different channel! And so are the sends the devices are sending to, which are also OFF!

In addition the send device was keep source on, so I would not be stopping anything. And in second addition I can crackle my bass channels by switching send devices on and off on channels that have or have had no notes playing on them and that are switched off. But yes, I can go around the problem with using automation instead of pattern commands, thank you. :)

Is the classic delay being synchronized to the amount of pattern lines and do you change the song tempo / speed?
If you change the song speed / LPB and have the line sync turned on:you get crackles because the delay buffers are altered on-the-fly.
Turn the line sync off before applying tempo/lpb changes.
I have fallen in this pitfall as well a few weeks ago.

I know that, captain obvious. <_<

Playback seem to repeat the number of samples my ASIO buffer size is set to which causes the crackleing, and then continues smoothly again.