Some cruisin' sound

Get in your car, open all windows and roofs you can open, turn the volume up,
stay at 5 mph and be the boss. This track hammers best on night rides. :wink:

Very 80’s!
Not my kind of music but good work.

Sounds is good, but i think it misses some groove, especially with the bass. Make the bass play a bit more with the melody and get some 80’s groove in it. ;)

Hi PPLo,
hi TheBellows,

thanks for your positive replies!

@TheBellows: “Make the bass play a bit more with the melody and get some 80’s groove in it.” (1)
“80’s groove” (2)

(1) Bass is mostly in sync with foreground chords - the problem is, I only can read your words
and I didn’t understand - what exactly do you mean ? :unsure:/>

(2) Funny: I never meant to do a decade-bound-sound… but you are right if you recognize, I’m
possibly stuck to the 80s… tryin’ really hard… fg

I just think it is a bit too much in sync if you get what i mean? I don’t really know how to explain it. The bass shouldn’t play the same as the lead, move some notes around. Forget about the 80s, it doesn’t really sound very 80s in my ears anyway. I’ts just that i associate some certain funky bass, that would suit your track, with the 80s. Add some Les Claypool in there, that should do it. :D

Oh God, i still sit in my car and listen to this and i’m already home (for about 20 minutes) :D

I like 80’s Dreamwave-style music

Good work and with a little bit more variation you could do a 10 Minutes version i would definitely hear 'til the end :D

p.s. still loving it xD