Some dnb snippet

(Dusan Spasic) #1

Hi all, i’m new to this forum, and i made this recently (but it’s only a short idea, not whole song). All sounds are drawn (except drums and vocals ripped off the youtube video).
I’m interested in some feedback if possible. Thanks!

(stoiximan) #2

A very good idea you have there and you should definitely finish this.Good vibe nice flow i like it.

(Dusan Spasic) #3

Thanks @stoiximan, i will continue to work on it for sure. The thing is that i drawn all the sounds except drums and vocals, and i’m satisfied how it turned out.

(Same Freaky Sound) #4

Great spot man, very fluid and groovy :wink: go go go!

(Fabrice) #5

Nice! I like that it begin as an hip-hop track an turn into dnb.

(orrigans) #6

Sounds cool! Drawing waves is a great way to get some unique sounds.

(Fabrice) #7

:open_mouth: Ooh I’ve never noticed this draw-sample tools before in the sample editor!
I will try it for sure! That look pretty nice for chipsound too!