Some Dsp Chain For Live Electric Guitar


are there any DSP chain presets for LIVE PLAYING guitar?


Making a nice overdrive sound for guitar is very difficult imo.
The trick that always works well is to make the guitar stereo.
My workaround for this:
Paste the guitar file on 2 tracks, pan to left and right and add in one effect column 0901

good luck!

edit: I didn’t read your post well.

for live guitarplaying you coud send your line in to 2 tracks (pan to left and right again) and play with the delay in one track.

One word: Native Instruments Guitar Rig 3, Izotope Trash, or Freeamp

… granted that’s arguably 9 words, BUT IT SHOULD BE ONE

I think the latency will be a bit longer with such pluggin, or am I wrong?

Also check…3&Itemid=15 - i like this one, but i use it for drums :)

native instrument guitarrig is probably the most flexible one to go with … but, the actual sound quality and authenticity is pretty bad.

you wont hear a difference to waves GTR3 if you dont have a proper guitar and clean recording hardware, but if, go with GTR, you’ll get the most real sound there.

on the other hand, whatever dsp tool you use, its never easy to setup a good sound. me by myself i was never able to get it right with native renoise dps effects.

I use amplitude LE. It’s ok. Still sounds like you pluged you guitar into you computer. No tone. But uhhh…you can always get a SANSAMP and rock all night.

I like the vst Voxengo Boogex.

I’m not a distortion expert, but it sounds decent to my ears.

It’s a good trick to provide the impactlevel that an electric guitar gives, a tiny pitch stretching on one of both channels might also add a more variational twist as if you really hear two guitar players divided on left and right.