Some Features For Live Sessions

Big Up for all the Renoise team! :guitar:

I’m using Renoise for composition, also I use it for live sessions.

It could be great to have some features for Live sessions, here is 2 simple ideas :

  • preselection of some channels before muting or unmuting at the same time.

  • possibility to have a tabbed user interface for opening and playing modules simultaneously and for exchanging data between them, like the great open source tracker called MilkyTracker ( )

Thanxs and long live! :walkman:


+1. I was about to say the same thing: live Renoise is the future (I hope).

It would be intuitive for each ‘tab’ to be routed independently or have the tracks grouped in the mixer (each tab is a stereo bus). Other things I can think of:

  • Independent timing to allow for working on a tab while the song still plays through and awesome offset pattern effects.

  • Features for aligning the playback of the tabs, e.g. offset by half a pattern or unmute/mute tabs at the end of patterns for smooth transitions, crossfades, etc.

This is starting to sound like ‘sessions’ in Live but one-up because of 1337 Renoise powers.

Welcome in Renoise Alived!

  • a mixer for each “tab” → fully featured with routing , monitoring, multiple muting/unmuting, etc…

  • a global “tab” including the mixer for all “tabs”, + a Special Global [sequencer+tracker+DSP effects] to organise smooth transitions, crossfades, muting, etc… between the different songs. (with new set of effects to realise the crazy sequencing… :w00t:

  • each “tab” could have the usual Edit fonctions (cut/copy/paste…) to exchange datas

  • and a very very special feature to prepare the coffee early in the evening!!!

That would be so great and would be a serious next step to definitely make Renoise as the best Universal tracker… for ever! :panic:

(it is already done!) :guitar:

Hi to the great Tracker Team! :walkman:

For a better and fast view in Live Sessions :

It could be great to have a better colored view in the mixer tab, I mean that the selected track in the mixer should have a really different color than the other tracks…Could it be choosen in the “Preferences-Theme” options?


Hello the great team! :walkman:

It could be great to have a faster view in tracks scope when a “Send Device” plug is ON!

In live situation, it is not easy to see quickly if a track is sending an audio signal…