Some Fx Preset

Six month ago a friend exploring Renoise (for the first time) told me that was amazing and fast and many other clap clap, bravo bravo, good good…
After 2 weeks it has said to me that Renoise was for expert audio coz few DSP chains and FX preset, not enough starting point for noobs like him.
Therefore I have begun to save basic preset for general purpose, just a starting point for quick setup and an aid for the recordings of external instruments.
Now i want to share with all Renoiser, hope will be usefull.
Some information on my website

ALL FX Preset (298)
Compressor (8)  
Bus Compressor (51) 
Maximizer (18)
Gate 2 (9) 
Chorus (37) 
Flanger (9) 
Phaser (21) 
EQ 5 (71) 
EQ 10 (26) 
mpReverb2 (27) 
Delay (21) 

wow this is sweet,thanx,im also building a preset library,i will share when im done :yeah:

here is the first ones,i will update the DL link when im done with the rest

;)  Downloaded, thank you for sharing!

your welcome,and same back at you.i will have more presets ready in the coming days.

Wow. Lots of great stuff in there! Can we steal some of them and add them to the Renoise 2.0 defaults?

wow indeed


thanks, never enough presets you know…

thanks for these!
is there a way to import all fx per plugin at once?
or a certain folder where they should be?
or do i need to import them one by one through the plug in

Yes for sure!

You’re welcome, many presets save me lot of time like vocal compression, guitar nuance and so on.

Yes you can import all at once by drag into PLUGIN NAME folder:
WINDOWS: C:\Documents and Settings\Your User Name\Application Data\Renoise\V2.0.0\User Presets
OSX: /Users/YOURLOGIN/Library/Preferences/Renoise/V2.0.0
LINUX? I don’t know but i think some path like OSX

Really helpful of you, cheers!


thank you very much for these! great stuff…

i will have part 2 ready on tuesday :drummer:

i will upload more presets later tonight,based on some freeware/payware effects

heres some more presets,the presets from my upper post is also in this,but there are some new ones