Some General Questions

Hi Guys,

I’m slowly getting used to Renoise, just wondering about the following:

1. Where can i get a good set of samples: kicks, hihats etc etc, payed is also ok ofcourse! (mainly for the house, dance, trance genre)
2. Are there popular songs created with Renoise?
3. What if i’ve created a track of which i think it has potential, can i securely upload this to SoundCloud without people ripping it of and use it in their own work?

Question 1 can be ignored i guess, just found the samples thread :)

Thank y’all for your time!

  1. although you cannot reverse-engineer an MP3 to understand if it has been created with Renoise, you can check artists showcase pages to have an idea

  2. Renoise produces standard WAV files when rendering. Using Renoise will not make any difference with any other software: if someone wants to rip your song, he can do it as his own risk

Obscurity is perhpas your (certainly my) biggest problem.