Some Great Commercial/Free Drum Libraries

I don’t have much time to make tracks so I substitute other peoples hard work for my own - in this case it’s drums.

Does anyone know any really good (high quality, well mastered & just overall very nice sounding) drum libraries? I’m not after drum machine samples as I’ve got a ton of them and I prefer acoustic real drums.

Thanks a lot.

Here’s an example of the stuff I’d like, but not exclusive to:

I have installed a small demo version of Addicted drums, no real restrictions besides the pack is not big, but it includes a basic kit and the sounds are top-notch.

Addictive Drums demo is well worth checking out.

The NSKit also was quite impressive… The free version of the kit is no longer avaible on the original site, but perhaps on p2p you can still find the GSIF or WAV packs around…

yes, it’s quite decent imo. i think i have the free version somewhere, if someone can’t find it.

psst, it is right thur:

Here is an excellent snare in sfz format:

Should work with the free sfz player by cakewalk and contains the invidual wavs (because sfz is non monolithic), but I sort of doubt anyone could make effective use of the samples using just Renoise’s native sample playing :)

Also contains other samples and Open Source Drumkit project, but I haven’t checked it yet.

Some info about the mappings of the snare:

Yes, it’s just a snare, but it’s a GREAT one.

Ofcourse… but not in layers ;)

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We’d also like to share what we do in this thread. Not sure how many of you have used (or are currently using) our drum loops and drum samples, but thought we could add the following links to your resources:

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I likehttp://www.analoguedrums.comvery much. Good quality and fair prices. They come as Kontakt instruments, but the samples are not encrypted, so it’s rather trivial to make them into renoise instruments.

My go-to Drum Kits are AD Mono (which is free) and AD Splitsticks. I have them both as Renoise instruments and they sound great for rock music etc.