Some Help Needed With 1.5b1

I finally started using 1.5 for real now, and I noticed a few quirks that I can’t seem to get used to or get around…

  1. When I’m in record mode, selecting a sample from the sample box automatically puts that sample on the “play cursor”…if anything, it should be the edit cursor, right? Is there anyway of turning off this “functionality”…I’m getting isolated wierd samples all over the place because I’m picking and choosing samples while tracking.

  2. Is there any way to solo a track by simply clicking/double clicking? In 1.28, you could just right-double-click…I’m still trying to figure out what “autosolo” and “automute” do.

That’s it for now…I’m going to check the new manual on the autosolo and automute now. Any help is appreciated.


1)During play mode, samples are placed wherever there is no sample currently playing. (meaning, no note-off has been send yet). If you press multiple keys at the same time during play in edit-mode, they will be set across different subtracks. The “edit-cursor” position is being reset to the first track that has been sent a note-off to, and from that moment a new note will be set in that subtrack again.

If you want to have one sample on a row at a time, it’s quicker to work just in edit-mode (no play) and using the edit-step to change steps.
I heard more people having this problem (no keyjazz-toggle anymore to get rid of this specific problem: live playing one note at a time in one track)

2)Autosolo mode solos the track you are currently in by muting all other tracks.
Autosolo mode is not really the function to use when you also use sendtracks with muted source. (since there will be no output when either routed track or it’s sendtrack are the only open tracks individually)

Thanks for the help, but you’re not understanding me.

vvoise - i know all about keyjazz and recording. that’s not the problem. I’m not entering note data via my midi keyboard or my regular keyboard. I’m just selecting a sample with the mouse while i’m in edit mode. When I select a sample, the note is recorded at the play cursor…why?

bantai - that works, but now I obviously can’t hear the sample.

This is pretty stupid behavior IMO. First, the note data is being recorded at the play cursor, which makes little sense. Second, I would like to hear the sample without recording it - I think many of us would.

Anway, bantai, thanks about the right click on play tip. I still preferred double right clicking anywhere on the track…but now with this context menu I guess that’s not possible. Oh well.

Thanks guys/gals

personally, i never use that option of hearing samples just when i click on the slot. i usually remember which sample is where, by name. if it’s kick-drum, it’s kick-drum, if it’s “pling” it’s “pling” and i just remember what kind of pling is that for this song.
anyway, when you choose a slot with a sample, you can immediately play it and hear how it sounds so what’s the problem? with using both hands while working, maybe…

theris: I see what you’re saying.

I guess I just have to get used to it, that’s all. :slight_smile:

Take care.

“AKAI? Did you mean BANTAI?” :lol:

well… a midi-box with nine roller-wheels may be a spliff idea…
And i hope it will not cost 300 euros.