Some house track

(Denn1593) #1

Hello there. Please give it a listen :slight_smile:

(BrainClaim) #2

Hi there, when I started listening to your song, at first, I thought I am not going to get impressed at all but as it progressed and the percussions with more leads appeared, I kinda thought to myself: “Damn, this guy has something!” Although, there is a lot of things you need to work on, like the bass is very weak and sometimes barely audible. The kick is missing low frequencies and there is a long delay feedback to the leads in the first part of the track which kinda put me off. But I gotta say, I really like the melody in this track, so keep creating more and more music, unless you reach perfection! :slight_smile:

EDIT: I didn’t realize that my sound driver is messed up right now and didn’t play bass correctly at the moment so I apologize for critisizing you incorrectly, the bass and kick are good (only the bass might be a tad little bit stronger) and the percussions have very good production.

(Denn1593) #3

Thanks for your response! I guess the bass could use a little more work. I notice that a lot of music have like really powerful low bass frequencies which gives it some more oomph which i find kinda hard to incorporate without it ending up sounding messy. I dont think it that bad in this one but i kinda find some of my other tracks sounds a little bit thin sometimes which i guess i should work on in my future tracks.

(HeartBeatHero) #4

Nice choice of instruments. I would add a catchier melody, and add some variation with a few extra synths.

As it stand it’s a relaxing house track. I enjoyed the overal sound.

(EatMe) #5

To get more beefy bass:

  • Use (multiple devices in row) compression (or gate) with a certain (somewhat) “longer” attack time. Use longer compression “release” if it pumps too much.

  • Equalize the bass:

  • delicately remove or accent the lower and upper present “whoomy” sound region between 300-850 Hz

  • either sharp cut remove or peak a little at around 100-80 Hz on each. kick drums may do well with a sharp boost at ± 100 Hz.

  • remove subbass to delicacy, especially at around the rambling 50 Hz.

  • on kick drums: adding a little click in the high mid region (3000-5000Hz) can give more clearness to a sound

  • on bass: the silence between the notes make the music go bumpin’. Use gating and cut off and lower volume to very soft of ending parts of notes so that silence is part of the bass.

  • soulful basses: use a bass that is a major third lower on minor chords. Use a bass that is a minor third lower on major chords. This creates a totalling 7th chord with the bass note, but the chord starting in a higher region and differing from the bass.

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