Some house track

Hello there. Please give it a listen :slight_smile:

Hi there, when I started listening to your song, at first, I thought I am not going to get impressed at all but as it progressed and the percussions with more leads appeared, I kinda thought to myself: “Damn, this guy has something!” Although, there is a lot of things you need to work on, like the bass is very weak and sometimes barely audible. The kick is missing low frequencies and there is a long delay feedback to the leads in the first part of the track which kinda put me off. But I gotta say, I really like the melody in this track, so keep creating more and more music, unless you reach perfection! :slight_smile:

EDIT: I didn’t realize that my sound driver is messed up right now and didn’t play bass correctly at the moment so I apologize for critisizing you incorrectly, the bass and kick are good (only the bass might be a tad little bit stronger) and the percussions have very good production.

Thanks for your response! I guess the bass could use a little more work. I notice that a lot of music have like really powerful low bass frequencies which gives it some more oomph which i find kinda hard to incorporate without it ending up sounding messy. I dont think it that bad in this one but i kinda find some of my other tracks sounds a little bit thin sometimes which i guess i should work on in my future tracks.

Nice choice of instruments. I would add a catchier melody, and add some variation with a few extra synths.

As it stand it’s a relaxing house track. I enjoyed the overal sound.