Some idea! ODO should create native synth for Renoise!

You know, in the past ODO created a couple of great vsti synths based on C64. He uses Synthmaker and he is back in “bussines” now (his plugins are free) :yeah:

The last synth: Dream64
Odo Dream 64

Accidentaly i´ve struck to this forum ( where he looks like an open-minded person who loves to create plugins. AND HE USES Renoise, samples and his own plugins, this is what he says… So why not to give him a oportunity to create native synth (…as a designer…)? His skills are great…
Somebody recommended him to migrate from SynthEdit to Reaktor and he didnt look hesistant, so it is our turn now! ^_^
It is crazy idea but maybe not unrealistic. It would be absolutely mad…

Odo’s stuff is great, but…

I think a fixed native synth would be a bad idea, rather see modular building blocks in Renoise so anyone can build their own favorite kind of synths.

It doesnt have to be one way or another ;).
More meta devices and not-aliasing, maybe. But I think it would be nice if there could be also more advanced features like fm synthesis, one sample modulating another, realtime portamento, granular synthesis etc…


To build your own synth, you need something like Synthmaker, Reaktor, Max or Bitwig maybe.
There are also some simplier solution like Wusik 4000 that is in open beta test right now or some other modular synth, but is it more limited solution than your idea (favorite kind of synths -->

Something like this is huge task and i dont think anybody in Renoise team has a time or ambition to compete with these mentioned micro modular systems.

New functions that are connected with sampler that behaves as an oscillator (as i know a lot of ODO synths use samples internaly) is more real desire IMHO ;).