Some ideas for xrni !

1 : New macro is awesome : Please more macro, like a second line of them ! (8 more basicly)
2 : A gui for Xrni when in tracker view : When double click, a small gui open with macros showing up (Like if it was a vst)
3 : Ability to make presets for xrni : Those could also be present in the gui said before
4 : Ability to choose sample played within the modulation tab
5 : And of course (Even tho it has been said to much times :P) : Ability to choose Start + End point from loop section played from sample.

This feature already exists. It saves files with the xrni extension :P (Simply leave the samples out before you save)

Click specific sample, if necessary adjust keyzone area, then click the radio button of the (test) modulation/fx set you want to pull it through. Play sample.