Some Ideas From A New User

Ok, now that I have praised this software in the General discussions area, I have some ideas that I feel would take Renoise one step further (at least for me :) ).

  1. Bring back the percentage display when editing automation curves/lines/points. It was in present in the latest public v.1.2x version, but seems to be missing from the 1.5 alpha7.

  2. Individual envelopes for each sample in an instrument split in addition to the global instrument envelope we have now.

  3. The ability to set pitch in semitones for individial samples in an instrument split. Currently, if you create a drum map of sampes in a split, all samples seem to be locked to the default pitch of C4.

  4. Beatslicer. E.g. let the user input slice markers in the sample editor with the option of previewing individual slices in addition to the whole loop. When you are happy with the results, there could be a “slice” button that chops up the loop and stores the individual slices as splits in an instrument. This method would require more than 16 splits per instrument though.

  5. Optional 0 - 127 mode for entering volume and possibly pan values as opposed to the current hexadesimal method. Useful when working with VST instuments such as drum samplers with velocity layers that correspond to a values in the 0 - 127 range…

…Of course, if you made it possible to map several splits in an instrument to the same key and have each sample trigger only in a given volume range, you would more or less make any VST drum sampler redundant :)

Thanks for reading. Would appreciate any thoughts on this. I apologize if any of these features are implemented allready (can’t seem to find the full manual).


I think you mean this:

Blimey! :) I thought that button just moved the split to a different key on the pianoroll. This is exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks IT-Alien!

I have also voted on some future features regarding renoise instruments and envelope settings that seem to cover nr. 2 and the last part of nr. 5. Exemplary way of listening to user feedback.
//edit end

Try to hold down the Ctrl-key while dragging ;)

Tip: Another cool feature is when holding down the alt while dragging ;)

Thanks twilek!

It would be great with an option of having this feature “always on” though, and have it work with integers instead of float values. The cltr button could then be used to move smaller increments as it does now.