Some Ideas (probably Not New)

Hey All, new to renoise, new to the forum. I’ve been using fruityloops for a very long time, but I really like the workflow in ReNoise, great work. Used not be able to believe people used trackers to make music, they scared me, but no longer : )

Here are some things I would like to see in Renoise, obviously pipe dream stuff and probably not the direction this program/people using it wants to take, but here goes:

(i) The ability to run user created scripts (mathematical/algorithmic) on tracks, maybe this is already possible, but it’s not easy. Even an algorithmic generator on a per track basis. Take a look at symbolic composer. Its like an algorithmic composer, but you’re missing the point if you don’t take a proper look at the program. You can breed styles etc. I can’t explain this one fully, but imagine you start off with a bunch of styles you have created from a basic toolset, then breed new ones and so on and so on. People seem to dismiss algorithmic composition altogether, but there is a (very?) happy medium. instead of right click->column->flip, you could have right click->column->modify->user created script

(ii) Random tracks

(iii) More modular approach to routing, REALLY want proper sidechaining/keying without complications.

(iv) Better support for microtuning. (ie. on actual synths, not just sampled renoise instruments). Take a look at justonic pitch palette. Even if your hardware/software synth doesn’t support microtonal, it can be emulated with pitch bend. Justonic uses adaptive tuning, may be worth a look.

(v) Audio range modulation of plugin parameters (where possible). I would love to be able to do audio range AM and FM. Maybe this is only really feasible on a hardware modular or on certain commercial vst/au???

(vi) Video synch would be cool, but probably better suited to a separate product. Look at FFRend on sourceforge (and whorld).It’s a bit like (in my opinion) the renoise of video, in that it allows modulation of plugin parameters with LFOs. A much better version of this amazing software could be implemented in the renoise interface. Freeframe 1.5 will have OpenGL and things should really take of from there with regards performance. I know this is a complete sidetrack to renoise, but it would be a killer app. By not having it as a separate program, you could overcome latency issues that people experience when trying to sync video via midi loopback. Maybe you could guarantee sync upon rendering but not on playback??? Best thing to do would be renoise encodes videos into its own very low res format for live viewing. Then rendering generates the hi res version. the sampling interface could allow for video slicing/triggering/retriggering. There’s already a whole bunch of free and commercial freeframe plugins that are like vst/au for video.

Anyways, love the program as is. keep up the good work.

Welcome to Renoise!

I don’t have all the answers but for a couple of your questions there are 3rd party tools. If trackers scare you, then the following will too. Haha. (xrns_randomize) (part of XRNS-PHP)

Good times.

microtuning of VSTs is not supported though, right? it can be with pitch bend.
also, external tools are a poor substitute for having the same functionality in the
context menu, if possible or somewhere in the GUI