Some Ideas

Here’s my little wish-list:


I’ve noticed that when rendering a pattern, the output file is cut as the player reaches the end of the pattern and the output goes to the soundcard output (with a loud click). I think a “write N seconds of output after the end of the song” or even better “write to file until sound level falls below -X dB” parameter would solve this nicely. Anyhow, the rendering should not affect soundcard output.


  • on/off buttons for each effect on the list to avoid endless scrolling to switch off the last one (for example).

  • a possibility to select effects from the ‘rack’ that will be shown on the Track DSP panel.

  • load/save DSP effect patches or, even better, meta-instruments consisting of samples/VSTi and associated VST effect chains (like the mda ePiano -> PS-1 -> Compressor -> mda Stereo -> Reverb I use all the time :) ).


  • place the track move buttons on (or below) the track title bar, please

  • the AntiAliasing doesn’t work very well - could you make use of the Windows font AA mechanisms (WinXP’s ClearType can do miracles in making programs look B) )

  • please, please replace the M and X markers for muted/turned off tracks with something less visually unpleasant (esp. the M ) :)

Edit: Ok, I’ve noticed that the M & X are skinnable, so I’d replaced those .bmps myself - but when will Renoise use the colours of the skin .bmps not rounding them? Themes are nice, but skins give much more freedom …

Hope I’d expressed my ideas clearly… Comments?


I like this Idea but with a lil addition:

there could be a little list like the Effectslist on the left but you can turn the Dsp s on and off.

Maybe like dat?

Delay on/off (one of this option is highlitened then)
Filter on/off
Reverb on/off

of course this list must scroll down if you have some more effects in it :)

Hoped my English is understandeble enough for this

Since some time, the freetype rendering engine is supposed to be supporting subpixel rendering. Maybe it wouldn’t be too difficult to add this as an option for rendering fonts?