Some Ideas


I have some ideas.

If you’ve ever used Logic Audio, you know you can switch the GUI to “parameter control”, where parameters can be finely tuned, instead of having to navigate by mouse, which can be really tedious.

In Renoise, you already have that screen, however plugins that have over 5 parameters, do not show up in the parameter screen. This should be fixed, and also, finetuning the values, such as hovering the mouse, over the values, clicking and moving up or down, should be possible. That way, no functionality is changed, but just this functionality added, and one can do Logic Audio style finetuning, where moving up and down, increments a thousand of a value. (hundred in logic, but that can be a bit small sometimes). Thousand or hundred or tenthousands should be changable on the fly.
Doubleclick would be still, input value.

Less important: While experimenting, or developing prototypes, I have found that having a container, with possibility for parallell and serial routing in it, through effects, and I/O would be nice.

Peace Be With You,

do you mean this?

clicking the right arrow on the bottom right corner expands the view. I don’t think it’s this that you mean because it shows 4 parameters at a time, not 5 as you say, so I’m confused about what you mean.

finetuning works this way in renoise:

while holding LCTRL key, click and drag the slider (not the value) related to the parameter you want to finetune

rightclicking on the little |<|>| arrows on the left of the slider usually changes the value by 10, while leftclicking changes the value by 1