Some imported MP3 files are truncated after 1-3 seconds by Renoise

I use many MP3 Sample Files from the Internet. VLC plays it good, but if i importet it via drag and drop in Renoise the sample only is loaded for 1-2 seconds and the truncated!!!

WMP play it right, VLC play it right, Reason play it right, only Renoise not play it right…So don’t come us with the unuseful Windows Standard Codec Explain… from old thread here in this Forum. Or the Quicktime install shit.

Its a BUG!

Are you on Windows, Linux or OSX? Please also attach or post an example mp3 file which doesn’t work for you, so we can have a look at this.

If you have VLC: try (re)converting them to .wav. maybe that could work?
I never experienced a bug like that.

Also maybe saty away from mp3 samples and aim for .flac or .wav ?

System is Windows7! Here is an Example. If i drag it from Windows Explorer to Renoise Samplelist its much to short! Play it in other software to equal. sample.mp3

convert with Audacity to wav work, but this is not an option for me.

It does open up and load just fine here. Can anyone else replicate this problem on Windows? Maybe we can then figure out the differences and similarities in the systems.

We’re using the “Windows Media Foundation” to decode MP3 files on Windows, which again may use third party codecs, if they are installed. Can you remember having installed some additional Video and or Audio codecs?

Yep, its not fully loading here too on windows 10. No 3rd party codecs installed. Playback with the native player works fine. In Renoise its missing the “thanks” at the end.

“Thanks” is also missing here. On Win 10. I have K-Lite Codec Pack 1484 installed. Works fine in Winamp, VLC and Windows Media Player.

For better showing how much impact this bug has i make 2 screenshots for you! I have marked in the wav file screenshoot, the range which is loaded correct when its mp3 format and the range that was missing then in compare to loading from the backconverted wav file. As you see nearly 3/4 of the Samplelength/Sampleinformation is lost!!! I have no additional Codec Pack installed. Hope it helps.

happy tracking

  1. mp3 file loaded in Renoise


  1. from mp3 file backconverted wav file loaded in Renoise


Exactly the same right here. Win10, works fine everywhere except Renoise 3.2.1, “Thanks” is missing.
It doesn’t matter if you drag and drop the sample or if you load it the normal way, “Thanks” isn’t there.
And I haven’t done anything else while testing, I just loaded this single sample, no more and no less.

I only drag it into Renoise and wait till Busycursor is gone and samplewindow drawing was completed + some extra seconds! No Changes, sample is not complete loaded!!!

@NPC1 Just wanted to check back on this, but the download link expired. Could you please upload the sample again?

No problem mate! Here it is…

MP3 Sample

happy tracking!

PS: Btw. i think i have found an initialisation Bug in Renoise Theme Engine. Are you interested in information about this? If so, i can give you a Theme that Demonstrate it, AND PLEASE, if you has some Connection to Developer. Says him, we need to have separated Colorvalues for Button Class and Checkbox Class !!! PLZ separate all Color Values like this: 1 Controlclass = 1 Colorvalue!!! PLZ Dont Mix different Control Classes in same Colorvalue!!! All Code for This Request is existing. It should be very easy and Quick to implement!!!