Some improvements to "Overlap" settings in instrument keyzones

Hi, while mapping my Alesis Forge MIDI drumkit to multilayered instruments in Renoise I’ve discovered a couple of shortcomings in Overlap settings.

  1. The “Overlap” setting is currently global for all samples of an instrument, but it would be nice if it could be set per sample / keyzone. You could then set it to e.g. “Cycle” for one keyzone (in my case it’s a snare with separate recordings for left and right drumstick) and to “Play All” for another (in my case I assigned a Macro to crossfade the volume between two overlapping keyzones, but this only works with “Overlap” set to “Play All”)

  2. To have some kind of keyzone groups would be nice. This would make following scenario possible, assuming that Proposal #1 is implemented:

Assume you have 4 different recordings for a snare, two center hits with left and right stick hits and two hits on edge of the snare, also with right, and left stick.

All 4 samples could be overlapping each other on D-2 keyzone (in my case this is the snare). Then the two center hits would be grouped together, and the edge hits assigned to another group.

Inside these groups Overlap is set to “Cycle” to have alternating sounds between left and right sticks. But between these groups Overlap is set to “Play All”. Then a macro forfor crossfading the volume between the two groups could be assigned.

Now that I finished writing I guess that point 2 would automatically solve point 1 too.

What do you guys think about this? Would it be easy to implement?

Greetings :slight_smile: