Some Kind Of Lib To Play Xrns

Hi everybody!

Just started to use Renoise! This stuff rocks. I was kinda one of those “die-hard FT2 addicts”, but this made me change my mind…

So, I guess, it would be nice if there was some kind of DLL to use so I can play XRNS outside Renoise. Like a plugin for BASS, for example. So I can code a musicdisk using XRNS :)

Although I really agree with the Idea to play XRNS outside renoise with xmplay or bass or whatever I am not really sure, if this is going the right direction. Usually users would ask “Why is my song not played in xmplay but xxx-songs work perfect”

The problem will be that many users are (I wouldn’t call them stupid) not able to separate between XRNS with VST or without VST.

Well it would not be impossible to make a program warn if any VST’s are used, would it? And since XRNS is a XML document I think it would not be too difficult for third party developer to code a simple addon for f.ex. Winamp.

Then again you can always play it in Renoise and use a hidden playlist feature. :ph34r:

I could try to code a plugin for Bass, if I manage to free up some time in summer. It’s just too heavy for me to handle all Renoise stuff (I’m not good with XML). I’ll wait for XRNS-lib for C++, I think it will help, but if it’s gonna so easy, then, of course, another coder will most likely pop a plugin before I even start…

Btw, what hidden playlist feature? Oh, yes, that’s why it’s hidden :)