Some Links (tracking / Renoise)

I want to (slowly, on the side) collect some useful links on trackers/tracking in general and Renoise in particular - suggestions/corrections would be welcome, that’s all :)

Thanks, cheers!

Noted the bitfellas for the demoscene links page I also want to make, had noerror already listed on the AudioDev page one level up (as it doesn’t seem restricted to tracking and I’m anal like that haha), and will list schism when I get around to redoing and expanding that bit.

this article is a stub

you can h

…ope others will do the work for you!! :lol:

yeah well… uhh… squirms… I kinda try to not go into on listing individuals/groups too much, it would never end…

… it’s a shame really, because your site is the prettiest I ever saw :blink: