Some MIDI mapping inconsistencies - tab switching

As discussed here toward the bottom.

mattnasty, on 27 Apr 2015 - 9:12 PM, said:snapback.png

[set] commands tend to not focus, but rather only show

Certainly seems true for the Modulation and Effects tabs. When switching here, focus is simply…nowhere?
This is a currently weakness of the Renoise API - querying and setting focus is not fully implemented. That said, focus somehow being completely gone seem like a genuine bug and should be fixed.

Or the short version: Some “show” mappings just show, some focus. The mod and fx tabs are ok now, but the disk browser isn’t for example. The focus isn’t totally gone(like previously noted), but it still may remain on a previous frame. I haven’t tried all of them in beta to find out which ones focus vs. show. I’m guessing the query and focus is still not fully implemented?

Yes, you still can not set focus to specific areas of the UI via Lua. This would be required for the disk browser for example. If we start implementing this, we need to do this throughout for every component of the UI.

You already mentioned that the modulation and fx tab focus problem is now fixed. Is there anything else left to “fix” then?

Nope, guess not. I’ll just use the key commands instead.

Not quite solved, but I’m guessing it won’t be addressed. Since some “show” MIDI map commands focus and some don’t and there needs to be an overhaul for some UI “show” MIDI commands to, well, focus, I wouldn’t assume this is beta-fixable material. It still remains an inconsistency and should be future fixed. The middle frame MIDI mapped tab ordering can probably be fixed in a beta tho. I posted about it in the beta ideas and suggestions forum instead, since i guess it also isn’t technically “broken”- rather just out of order.