Some more 80s dance vibes for you made in renoise

still working out mixing the bass, think it sounds cleaner then the last track i released

still need to work out more variations through out the tracks i make


Sounds good, if you could toss on some vocals it would pretty sweet, maybe you can submit it to vocalists somewhere for a collab. By the way nice images.

all AI generated images xD,

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w000t that’s amazing imagery, that AI is coming for our music next… which AI software did you use?

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Yes, you improved a lot compared to your recent songs. The mix is good, well done. There are only 2 things I would adjust a little. The kick is bassy without having enough punch, I would push 1000 Hz and maybe increase the attack and/or ratio of your compressor. The hihat is too loud in comparison with the open hat and the rest of the song, just decrease its volume a little bit and everything’s fine.

Yes, you could use some different sounds now and then, especially bass and snare… :laughing:
And maybe you could change the song structure a little bit, the second half of the song tends to sound exactly like the first half. Add some variations, it doesn’t need to be a big change.


thank you, been battleing with the kick for awhile trying to get it to punch through more

Would you post the actual kick sample here? Curious to see the waveform… I have a theory/method for fixing kicks transparently, and would like to test it out in this real world example, if you’re up for it :slight_smile:

sh kick.xrni (24.8 KB)
here you go

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sh kick v 2.xrni (20.0 KB)
try this. not sure how it will sound in the context of the mix, but give it a go :slight_smile:
I cleaned up the waveform, added some compression and eq.
the sub is pretty low on this kick and the transient is kinda flabby, but hopefully this helps bring out some more power in it. you could also consider layering in another (or a different altogether) transient to give it more bite, but only if that’s part of what you’re after.

I think part of the issue is that it’s mixed too low, or rather, that other elements are mixed too high against it. consider anchoring your kick as the loudest element in the track if you’re going for dance vibezzzz

thank you!!! ill experiment

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I like it - sounds dope, I wana go back to the time when I was not there yet.