Some More Beat Music

Some old pre-registered Renoise music, captured by recording my wav channel thingy.


A precursory warning, the mix is pretty loud. :)

Tell me you frank opinions about this little track underneath.

In my opinion it lacks a beat that I could be relate to. A catchy loop or something… now its just 4.5 minutes of broken drums with the same boring background. To be honest, the breaks gets annoying after two minutes :)

i quite liked this, it has some attracting abstraction inside. maybe beat needs some more glitch/destruction.

Thanks you guys for listening.

Hooligan, you clearly didn’t like beat music then why did you listen to it? Where you expecting something more melodic and less beat focused?

Oh please… If someone doesn’t like your song, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t like the genre altogether.

About the tune then, the drums sound way too choppy and they indeed get annoying after a few minutes. Now this feels like a 4:25 long randomized break. I’m not sure what you mean with “beat music”, but this one could use a snappier bassline to go with the wacky drumbreak, now this isn’t really suitable for any mood. The drums could use some equalizing as well, mostly just lil tweaks with the muddy frequencies (stuff around 300hz) and the programming could be a tad less edgy (now it feels like it’s snapping all the time and this being the main thing in the song, it gets very annoying).

Sorry I didn’t mean to offend you or underestimate your song, just told what I honestly felt. I listen music from blues to elektro so I don’t think genre is the problem here. It just lacks something, and I still feel the many minutes repeating drums gets annoying. Ever considered I was wrong, if one can be wrong when it comes to liking music? :)

Thanks. It’s a old tack and I recorded this at the end of the day I made this. I never really got back to this again. I think it’s muddy because of how I recorded the track. I do agree I think it does need more work, I think the higher frequencies are too loud. I would like some space and air to the track also.

I can’t do funky basslines sadly, it’s my Achilles heel. I’m practicing.

I love the snapping on the drums though, it gives the drums a sense of weight.

That’s fine if you did offend or didn’t, I did ask for your opinion. I just wanted to point out the contrast in your criticism and to what information I had given about the song. It’s okay.