Some More Eq Tweak Suggestions

Now that we have the handles on the EQ (which I APPROVE of), I think EQ could be tweaked a little more. Here’s what I thought up: [see attachment]

  1. Ability to display only the graph or the sliders. Especially EQ10 takes a LOT of space on the DSP bar so displaying only the graph would save some precious space.
  2. Relating to no. 1, the width of the graph could also be extendable.
  3. Spectrum on the graph? :D muahahahaha dunno if it’s too complex but I think it’d be pretty useful for most of us. Of course this could be turned off. Maybe even show only the spectrum so that the EQ could act as a monitoring-device.

Yes, yes and yes. No.3 would of course have to have a toggle as you wouldn’t want every instance of an EQ using CPU to do spectrum if you’re not currently using it.

EDIT: Also a pre/post option for the overlayed spectrum display.

On the note a intrack spectrum DSP/Meta may not be a bad idea if it is possible to add in the EQs. (Somehow doubt this will be 2.7 though…)

Yep, I added that to the original post as you were replying.

Maybe the graph/sliders controls should be in the right-click menu of the device, spectrum probably as well.

I like the idea in 1 to have the sliders or graph collapsible, and thus save space.

If you didn’t know, there is a helpful tool that automatically minimizes all dsp’s in the tab, and maximizes the one in focus (search for: auto max selected device script from Ledger).

About the fft graph in point 3, I am not sure it makes a lot of sense to have it in such a small window. It would be more eye-candy than useful imo. Maybe a small ‘fft’ button in the eq window could automatically open/close the ‘master spectrum’ tab?

Yes I’m familiar with it but it’s really not…the same, even though it is useful.

That’s why I’m sort of asking everybody if it would make sense :) Thanks for your input. I think the problem is we can only monitor the master spectrum, what I’m sort of looking for is the specturm-device in Ableton.

Could we have a More/Less button for the Lower Pane, like we do for the top one?

please yes to all 3 suggestions

Yep, I think it has been suggested before as well, and there was even a nice mock-up included. Don’t remember the thread though… +1 for this btw.

great suggestions. hope the devs will consider these, really useful tweaks.

yes please! Often suggested before to increase the workability of the automation editor (or lfo device when inputting values in the custom window).

The spectrum is a nice idea, but that reminds me of the following:

The spectrum should have the option to be “slow”, which means only showing the average over a couple of updates. This would make it easier to read in some situations. I think Voxengo Span has this option.


I’ll chime in here and make a suggestion if the devs want to try the FFT in the EQs: Please, please, please allow the slope of the FFT to be adjustable. A slope of zero is awkward to work with. Span and Gliss now default to 4.5 and that’s a really nice flat angle to work with to get a tidy mix. It would be great if the Renoise FFTs had this.

Other than that, I like the suggestions here.


+1 to all of this!

Definitely +1 on this