Some New 80'S Tracks

awesome :)

yup. gotta love it B)

ooohhhh ggggooooodddd.ssuuuccchhh ccchhhheeeezzzeeee.


glad you like it!

Omg Mitch! Your my new hero! This is amazing and the video’s aswell :D

Whoa really good, love the second track. Nice phat 80’s synths and reverbs :) I really like the basses in particular.

these are great!

Awesome stuff again!

These tracks are AWSOME!!! Im a big 80s fan and thexe realy capture the decade… Where can I hear more?
ps: I know its cheeky but is there an XRNS version I can download as I love to explore other peoples music, I love to learn from the experts?

Keep the good vibes flowing!!! :walkman:

really great stuff. both tunes!

thanks man, there’s more @ about the xrns, since my tracks are 90% vst’s (pretty much everything but the percussions), i doubt it’d be of much use to you unless you had the same vst’s installed. also, i generally don’t like the idea of people seeing the structure behind my tracks, silly i know.

anyway, if you really want a peek at it, let me know.

Really nice tunes ^_^