Some New Fonts

If you didnt know, you can make your own fonts. Have a look in the Renoise-Skin-Font folder.

I made a big and small pattern-font based on the 1.5 a4 font.
It has minimal background symbols to make entered data more visible.
The BigFont is also thin.
Hiding zeros is recommanded :)
Give it an hour to see if this is something for you.

Download this file ,unzip and replace Pattern.ttf and PatternBig.ttf in Skin-Fonts folder.


use a true type font editor! e.g. Font Creator Program by

I know. But unfortunately the symbol in between the Note letter and the octave number (the hyphen/dash) is the same symbol as the three hyphens you see when there is no notes (in default font).
So you are pretty much forced to use a dash symbol because of what you correctly pointed out.

I hope taktik could separate those symbols.

We could also wish for several font setups with different colours in same pattern to separate things better… but thats another story.