Some New Icons In Menu

Although such actions as opening or saving, are assigned the default keyboard shortcuts, I propose to add some icons (new, open, save, save as, render) on the top menu bar. A nice addition would also have the option “save as a new version.”


Personally prefer the icon and than to “search” option on the menu. Another reason is that the jet can then be assigned to a midi controller. I think that with all those I’ve listed the most important would be the option to “save as new version”. It’s not about losing the transparency of the interface but about functionality, and everyone has their preference in the handling of software.


I like some of the changes in the interface, but not always the “less is more” is true. Look at the majority of applications (not just the music apps). Almost all of them had a shortcut and an icon corresponding to the open, saving documents, files etc from the main level of the program without digging through menus. This usage habits of others (many) applications. Writing about these icons, I mean something absolutely basic interface.

Sorry for my English but I hope you understand what I mean.
Regards :)