Some new Poly Grids (Bitwig)

… more to come.


i love this. Well done maaaaan! i wish i can make this :smiley:

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In the kingdom of what is


Awesome stuff!!!

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Thank you!

Nice…Was that an actual ratchet?

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The Hawk



16 oscillators later…


16 sines with chromatic pitch layout, maybe gates (what ifs) and more. Let me know if you want these presets (poly grid files) and I’ll send you the download link.



beautiful, would be awesome to have some kind of evolution or variants of a theme

i know i could get lost creating and listening to these sequences for several hours per session.
this modular stuff is rather abstract and intriguing. but you are able to incorporate the near perfect balance between probability / chaos and still maintain a high degree of musicality.

i enjoyed them all, with “the hawk” and “in the kingdom of what is” being my favourites.
great visual post-processing, too !

what i am wondering tho: there seem to be no fx in the signal path, yet i seem to hear reverbs / delays in “16 osc later”, for example.
are they in a seperate device outside polygrid in bitwig or is there some other kind of modular magic going on?


Thank you Keith for the kind and great feedback!! Yes there are effects, send effects, I use Valhalla Delay for delay and some pitch shimmer too and Valhalla vintage verb for reverbs. On the master bus and also on the grid channel there’s some compression and EQing, maybe a little chorus too. As a last effect in the master chain I love to throw in Renoise Redux and have a master chain looking like this: Bus Pressor - Exciter - Maximizer.

In Bitwigs grid you can even build your own effects.

Stay safe!