Some ("new") Suggestions For 1.5

  1. the width of the trackdsp list should be saved within the config … it’s really annoying to scale the list-window again and again on any new Renoise start!

  2. the vertical position of the list should be global … at the moment e.g. if i want to add the same VST fx to all tracks i must search the VST again and again from track to track coz the vertical position of the list is track dependent

  3. the pattern length setup is a big step backwards - that’s it. some never used buttons like Octave (coz we use shortcuts or a midi-keyboard) or Editstep are still present in the old way with inc/dec buttons and the very important often used patternlength is only a edit-field with uncomfortable mouse-movement inc/dec-features. can’t understand this … maybe this is a possible solution:


Although beeing very confusing at first, I’m ok with the pattern length box. However I also vote for a change, because it’s hard to find and I think this will be asked over and over again by beginners.

As for 1 & 2, these are great ideas! These issues always bug me too.

one problem in my draft is maybe that the word “length” could mean song-length (coz it’s placed near the pos-ed) and if the pattern names are hidden “length” is hidden too. nevertheless it’s better than the old way … in my opinion. B) let’s find a solution with the only rule: inc/dec buttons must be available!

Well in that case I suggest they increase the width of the pattern side where the pattern position/lenght nrs are. (the position nrs that are on the side of each patterns)S
o that you can have four digits for pattern positions/lenght nr and add two arrow buttons on the side of the pattern length button.

This way they would kill two flies in one slap.

yes … i agree totally! ok! B)

@splajn: also a good idea!

Scrolling through a 512 step pattern would be quite a pain in the bum! :P

right’y’right B)