Some Of My Work

these are all of the same file, they are seperated because i wrote the wavs at different times, and the stuff in between is far from ripening.
If you do listen to them in the order they are posted, it is much closer to what will most likely become. now that that is said, lets run somthin.

here it is…

unmastered, unfinished, full of wrinkles, some stand in inst’s and will leave you

This would be awesome at a gig! I know, I listened to this shit loud on PA’s :)
Maybe thats what you could think about in terms of direction, making the production process faster until you reach a point where one day you can do what you want to do in realtime, or at least everything except the making of fundamental sounds etc…

I’ve been coming from a similar perspective in that I didnt really know why I wanted to make music for a long time, just knew that I enjoyed it alot, and was reluctant to share it around beyond people I talked to for all sorts of reasons. These boards are the first place I’ve even contemplated placing music beyond my normal social reach, based on the amount of positive feedback and attitudes displayed here…plus the fact that everyone’s using the same software as me :P
still not really sure of the absolute basic reasoning behind it all really…but realtime is sort of what my long term goal is…not sure what I actually want to “do” with it all, but I certainly want to be able to do whatever that ends up being totally live.

If you’re lacking direction theres at least an idea or something

I dunno.

I like the second one the best…just rolls on and on. I’m burning that for driving :)

Not Found
The requested URL /choice_-_liquid-swards_unfinishd-dontshare.mp3 was not found on this server.


oh noooooo!!!
I didnt save, only streamed.
Pls put this back online :(

I’d like to hear these tunes too.

yeah, they went away to quickly…

i’m sorry, i just cant have these shared anymore, feel free to delete this thread.
i broke the links on purpose.
it’d been driving me crazy for the past 2 days.

i’m just seriously not happy with random ppl hearing my music. i thought maybe it would cure me in some way but only makes me not want to share even more.

is creating music for you more of a aid or a search for yourself and your songs expose to much of yourself if other people hear them ?

I’m just curious , because I on the other hand want my “music” to be heard and listend too as much as possible by as many people as possible. (kind of the whole basis of radio)

I’m just wondering that’s all. No need to repley if you don’t feel confortable .


PS: I did not hear your songs

be sure to let us know if you change your stance on this…

I liked those 3 tracks alot man…

quoted for ditto

seems like terrorphile_-_liquid-swards_unfinishd-dontshare.mp3 is back online again at least… I’m listening to it right now… this is some good shit man :P

and next we’ll see if the rest is back up :D

one should never be ashamed of their music ;)

the other two also kick copious amounts of ass :P

aha, downloaded at last!

liquid swards is a nice combo between hiphop and mashup breaks stuff… really cool.

this sound is not for sale:
almost dub sounding until the breaks come in
i like the part here near the end where you are running that drumloop through some delay, sounds pretty cool.
also the part near the end where the snare gets all distorted (when you hear the 3 snares together) – that is an awesome effect/sound, really like the rhythms there

fuzzy gong control:
wicked bassline … i thought this was gonna be mellow until the breaks came in … this part is awesome

this is great man, please share more


When the MC’s came, to live out their name
And to perform
Some had, to snort cocaine to act insane
with before Pete Rock-ed it on, now gone
that the mental plane to spark the brain
with the building to be born
Yo RZA flip the track with the what to guy
Check em check chicka icka etta


thanks, i think i may have finally gotten over my issues about sharing.

i listen to lots of oldschool jungle 92-95, when all the abstractness an experimentation was going on with mashing amens. i use it to influence my work. whilst trying to make sure i stay within the realms of it. so i can make what i listen to, an refine it to a point where i can envelope every idea an technique percieved from it.
i use to love the futuristic feelings i would get when i would listen to it, lots of them were dark an cold, but never evil, just rude. the lsd/acid hallucenagenic laced vibe echoed from the break/vox edits an timestretches. thats part of what i enjoy.

does this mean you can handle constructive critisism?

The songs need way more bass… you know the thumping kind of bass. This all sounds like you have a high pass filter (or low cut) on the masterchannel. Sharp but without any warmth nor low frequencies to make it into energetic jungle music…

maybe make the kick and the basslines stand out more in te mix. and compress both more.

you are right Kcirr3d
i am certainly not a GQ wit the EQ, an i do have Alot of filters all over the place! the thing about compression, i can never ever find one that i like, so instead i try to give everything a very light distorsion, i understand the concept of what compression does an why its needed but, i have found that some breakbeat editing techniques need different settings with compression, or the edits jsut sound awful, you can blatantly hear this in liquidswords, im trying to use the distorsion to get the hiss of the amen a bit more prevailent, tho it sounds messy at parts, Especially when i turn on the flanger at one point.
i realized my biggest problem with these tunes, was my best habit!

all 3 of those tunes were in the same rns file, so instead of making new tracks i would reuse them, since renoise does not keep a record of where the dsp settings are at unless ‘Individually’ set in the automation area or pattern editor, i would end up changing settings dealing with other elements, an then it turns into a mess,
so no matter how helpful it was to have all of them in the same file, it is also my biggest problem.

developing song template formulas, and preference rule sets are such a dismal place. tho i feel i need them, i really like having everything setup!
i like having all my breaks & rns instruments, all already setup.
tho, music making for me has been and very much so ismuch much more about troubleshooting & frustration, than actual music making.
i find myself never finishing anything because ive gotten to a point where, when i cant get an idea the way i want it i move on to another idea, so my creative time is spent running in circles on a path of least resistance bouncing from 1 sidetracked idea to another! if i could disconnect the right side of my brain when i feel creative, i would have a few catalogs worth of finished music!

thanks for your input man, i have seperated the tunes from each other, so fixing them will not be as hard as they would have been before, at the current stages of them i think they might be getting ready to really need proper mixing, i dread these times the most, listening to it so much that i dont want to hear for another year!