Some older suggestions

I made a few suggestions in the past which no one responded to, so I just collected them and post them again … (hey, and I am a registered user now too ! does this make me any important ? just kidding :D )

also, all those suggestions are based on the 1.11 release, so if they are already done, I am sorry.

  1. “note-cut” command does not work with VSTi’s. The 0Fxx command does nothing to VSTi’s at the moment, maybe a normal “note-off” should be sended.

  2. I dont know if the finetune command now works for VSTi’s (and I dont know if this is hard to do), but a “basenote”-option should be easy to do.

  3. delay time : the current delay effect has a maximum delaytime of 1000ms, would be nice of you could increase this to 3000-4000 ms.

  4. sync button : if using some vst-effects or especially when using the dx-vst wrapper with renoise, there is often a lag. especially for drums even a small lag gets annoying.
    now the idea is to do a “sync” button to compensate that lag.
    technically it could be done by internally sending a small click on the channel with the effects and then measuring the time the click takes to go through the chain of effects. then play the track ahead so that its back in sync to the master speed. (If I remember right there was something like that in Cubase VST).
    would be very useful, because some effects are not usable in renoise because of this lag.

  5. it would be nice if the type of a filter could be changed by a command too (not only cutoff/resonance and so on), to change from highpass to lowpass and back in a song.

  6. (and thats the biggest thing) : something about shuffling and all this stuff. I know there is a groove setting for the whole song, but I didn’t understood it (sorry). The other way to make a “groove” is the 0Dxx command (delay note), but renoise is using it in the same way as Fasttracker 2, which is old, outdated, obsolete and way too harsh.

If I have a song of 6 ticks, I can only use 0D01 to 0D05, everything else does nothing.
So my suggestion is to make the 0Dxx command work like the 09xx command, which means 0D00 means no delay at all, 0D80 is the same as the old 0D03 (50% delay) and 0DFF means maximum delay (right before the next note).
This way shuffles can be more subtle and small changes are possible (humanizing the 0dxx command is totally useless, but would be useful with this change)

thats it for now :)

To the best of my knowledge, the delay effect has no practical maximum value (maybe it’s 32,767ms? :)). It’s just that you can’t use the slider for such big values, and under most circumstances the step buttons won’t do much good either. To get around this, you can change the song speed higher (slowing the track down), then clicking the delay step button and then changing the song speed back to normal. That’s an easy way to do a 6-step or 8-step delay, for example, and I’ve been doing this for a long time. Before the sampling-frequency-affecting-delay-times-bug was fixed, I occasionally hit the 3000-ms range you mentioned.

I’m not sure this is directly related, but note cuts get anomalies here also. Sometimes using a high note cut delay (have you ever successfully used, say, an F6 cut?) will simply cause the note to be not cut. At all.

yeah because you dont have tracks with f6 ticks … its tick based.
it waits for the number of ticks you specify in the command, so if you have 6 ticks and say 07 is commandvalue for notecut (or note delay) it does not get processed, since after 6 ticks renoise comes to a new row.

about note cut in VSTis:
try to put a
— 01 00 – —
(assuming that 01 is you instrument number)
— = no note
01 = VSTi number
00 = volume 00
– = no pan
— = no command

can’t try it at work sorry

no, I could do that with a simple notoff either, the notecut I mean is meant for notes which shall be cut off inbetween rows.

ok, so you should do it the hard way, as I do a lot of time, expacially since I’ve switched from FT2 to ReNoise:

let’s say you are at speed 06 and need to cut the note after the 2nd tick.

So let’s divide the row which has to contain the note cut into two rows:
one with speed 02 and another with speed 04.
put the note off on the second row and you have done it.

yes, looza has an important point here.
a modern 21st century tracker definately needs sub-tick note delay.

otherwise it’s just not possible to compose living, human music.
this is the biggest drawback with trackers, and the biggest pro-argument for midi sequencers.
at least if you wanna make something different than tekkno. :ph34r:

not everyone wants to track at 500bpm to get a higher resolution…

and in a perfect world, the note-delays would get recorded while playing…

i also second that “note-cut after x ticks” for VSTi.

This is brill! If this was implemented right, it would make the need for pianoroll editor far less urgent, as it should record precicely what somebody play on the keyboard. B)

The problem today with the tracker is that I have to increase the speed to a maximum for best possible resolution of the notes, if you know what I mean… I NEVER get the same result when I hit ctrl after a small impro-session! :(


1.2 already has a “rec notedelay” option which will record notes and noteoffs tickprecise.
rec the delay finer than tickprecise is much more work as the player currently “thinks” in ticks …

btw : official releasedate is sunday :)

ooo this sounds good. :D

uhm sorry guys to ask that lame question, but am i to stupid to find the “Note Cut” button instead of the “Note Off” button? i simply wanna play some nots while some last as long as the release time of the vsti is set to via the “note Off” command and the others should be cutted hard via “Note Cut” but where is this button ?? :))

sorry and l8erz :)

Is there any plan to change the internal mixing of renoise from tick-wise to anything more fine ? And how are the groove settings you can specify being realized ? (apart from the fact that I still didnt understood them)

FatMaster : capslock

Looza :
about the per tick processing : yes, it will be different in future
about the groove settings : you dont have to understand it. just tweak it till it sounds good :) anyway there is a description in the manual …

but CapsLock is Note Off, i am searching for Note Cut :)

fastmaster : I think its not possible at all … maybe if you set the trackvolume to zero or something.

you can do this by putting fx (x = tick to stop) into the volumerow. a button for this does not exist …

I don’t think there will be enough buttons to please everybody. So why not make some available macro-buttons in the keyboard configurator? This feature would let you either bind your favourite command (like fx) to a key, or maybe even just… Well, can’t think of too much I’d wanna bind as a macro right now, but surely there must be SOME commands people use ALL the time out there?