Some Pc Keyboard Notes Don't Sound ?


I’m playing around with Bass64 (in quick start tutorial), playing an F major chord - bass note “Z” and triad “I” + “P” + “]”.

The triad notes won’t play consistently.

If I play lower down triad e.g. “Q E T”, this works fine !

Is this normal behaviour ?

Perfectly normal.
It’s a limitation in the keyboard hardware. Some keys can not be triggered simultaneously.
I recommend a small midi keyboard :)

Depends on the keyboard. Most keyboards have “zones” of keys, imagine a square between 1, 3, C and Z, that’s one zone, maybe. But they’re only capable of sending one or two notes from each zone at a time. The manufacturer never really intended you to be playing chords on it :P

Older keyboards, the really clunky ones that use switches for each key, don’t work this way, and I could play chords no problem on an old IBM PS/2 keyboard, until I got fed up with it sounding like a small typewriter.

thanks folks

i normally use a variety of Midi keyboards - was just messing about with Qwerty keyboard note input & came across this anomaly

will bare what you said in mind :)