Some Quantity Of Questions And Ideas

i have some quantity of questions and ideas.
long time before, i tracked only in impulse tracker.
and now i`m trying to bring alive IT keyboard layout,
and “feel” of this wonderful tracker.
can you “extend” keyboard config with more keyboard shortcuts,
for more faster tracking. it is very convinient.


Alt-S Set current instrument for selected block
Alt-W Wipe volume/panning not associated with a note/instrument
2*Alt-K Wipe all volume/panning controls
Alt-J Volume amplifier
Alt-L Mark entire column/ (AND second hit will select all pattern)
Alt-X Wipe all effect & effect value data
Alt-M Mix data from clipboard with pattern data
4 Play note under cursor
alt-U Deselect current selection

and some words about desired features:

1.Track View Functions (abillity to lock most important tracks, and see
them all the way tracking, on the left side of pattern editor for example )

2.Playback marks

“Ctrl-F7 Set/Clear playback mark (for use with F7)”

3.Time elapsed from starting tracker (to know how much time left for benning
of working day;)

  1. Ability to clear event in pattern editor without moving cursor one
    row down, no matter editstep setting.

“. (period) Clear field(s)”

  1. Note cut (^^^) command

  2. Spacebar Use last (default) note/instrument/volume/effect/effectvalue
    captured with “Enter”

  3. Toggle content mask not in “boring” Adv Edit panel, but with the
    help of ‘,’ (comma) - Toggle edit mask for current field

  4. How about such simple effects in pattern editor?

SB0 - Set loopback point
SBx - Loop x times to loopback point

  1. how about advanced templates?
    Often, you may want to enter a note with the same effects following each
    note. eg.

  2. feature of shrinking sample size in sample editor /w or without
    interpolation (inspired by Impulse Tracker sample editor, usefull if you are working to a size limit)

and the last question:

can “letters” of effects be changed? is it possible? i addicted
to impulse tracker “letters” :)

tnanks for support.

ps. thanks ALOT for such advanced tracker. it is almost perfect.

Welcome l8z4,

:) smart, simple, fine. i likem

can "letters" of effects be changed? is it possible? i addicted  
to impulse tracker "letters"smile.gif  

i came up with this, too. but as it seems, it isnt possible yet.

The debate is about the possible problem adding more letters would be confusing in relationship with the other parts of the interface which are truely based on hexadecimal figures.
(why would figures in most areas only go to F while in the pattern area everything goes to Z)

Confusing? Can’t say I would find that confusing…

me neither


But if something is to be changed here we should also think of a more complete solution that gives room for better resolutions and new commands in the future.

and what do you think about other suggestions?

A possibility might be that direct commands will be stuffed in DSP devices and the whole range of pattern effect commands will then be attached to perform the operations from within the DSP devices.

well I don’t like any of them in particular, while I was one of the go-for-it people during the debate for addition of G-Zxx commands.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against them: I just don’t find them useful for me.

By the way, the note cut command is already implemented:
you can use it by putting Fx on the panning column, where x is the tick where to cut the note (works like delay note command)

[quote name=‘It-Alien’]

[quote name=‘l8z4’]

i see.

I agree with all the points raised by my IT comrade!

but who cares? developer - not:)
that is why this thread is useless:)

i understand it. that there are many thing to do.
answer of It-Alien was categorical.bow-wow style.
“well I don’t like any of them in particular”. never mind.

yes I was just referring my thoughts about these features; sorry if my words were taken as a final statement, I was just telling my personal opinion.

It will be great to add pluginz supporting in Renoise…
…and make a SDK, that will contains some plugin examples, useful documentation, e.t.c.

PS Sorry for bad English