Some Questions About Remote Mapping


I’m thinking about maybe buying a nice Edirol PCR-1 as a Christmas gift for myself :)

I’d like to know if it is possible to remote-map a few general Renoise settings on this device’s knobs that would be saved for ALL SONGS.

For instance, I’d like to have knob #1 tweaking the master volume of Renoise (no matter that I loaded a song or that I just launched Renoise).
I’d also like to have a knob affecting volume of the CURRENT TRACK only, another for its panning etc…

I understand that to remote-map specific effect would have to be particular to each song, but is it possible to achieve such things for general stuff already present when Renoise just launched and is empy ? (like I said: volume, pan of master and individual tracks…)

If it’s not then consider this as a suggestion for the next release :)
(or even the next beta ? :) )

Firstly the current track is not possible to map, since the remote mapper always affects a specific slider, i.e. only track 1 or track 2 etc.

With master volume, panning etc it should be possible. Map the volume and then save the song as startup song (in the config). The remote mapper settings should be saved with the song. Then all the songs that you start new, based on the startup song, will have these mappings. However (and I think I’ve been whining about this before), it doesn’t seem to be saved for me…!? I can’t find any old post about this so I don’t remember if it’s a bug in Renoise or just that I’m stupid. :)

So… help anyone!! Can someone confirm whether the remote mapper settings are saved correctly with the song?

i’ve never had issues with the remote mapper not saving correctly. i use it to assign the rotary knobs of my midi keyboard to parameters of soft synths (mostly Reaktor, FM7 and Cube). works really well with me. bonus is you don’t have to change instruments/tracks to tweak your stuff. good one!

Thanks for the workaround, it’s not a bad idea :)

However, I do believe it would be cool to be able to remote-map general settings of the current track in future versions…

Yup, but something I really miss to remote map is stuff like, start/stop/ record and undo. So you dont have to start the song with the computer keyboard and the get over to the midi keyboard, and then get back to stop the song etc…

Interesting Splajn, I never thought of this but it would be pretty useful indeed. I would most certainly use such shortcuts.

One very useful and missing thing too, that could be easily implemented in Beta 3 I think:

A switch option on the sustain pedal (CC 64), because once again it seems I cannot invert it if I don’t first add a MIDI CC Device and then remote map the CC64 (which is a bit stupid of a process since the sustain pedal does work at Renoise launch in MIDI IN from my keyboard).

I hope the devs notice my post :lol:

I’ve had the same problem, so I vote for this option too!

Although I believe there’s a feature stop on v1.5, so any additions won’t be made, only bug fixes. Actually I think that’s good because otherwise we would never see a finished stable 1.5 :)