Some Questions

Have collected a bunch of questions:

  1. What key combination stands for whole pattern copy/paste on Mac, and is there also a key combination to copy the whole pattern + automation that belongs to it? Tried everything with F4/F5 but doesn’t work…

  2. I miss the possibility to create a sidechain compressor in the routing. Is it possible somehow?

  3. Is it possible to stretch or shrink the painted automation curve by pressing some key and moving the mouse?


And 4:

Can I shuffle/change groove just for one track, not for the whole song? I believe that it sounds very static if all tracks have exactly the some groove.

  1. I don’t have a Mac, but the pattern context menu (the one you reach by rightclicking the pattern, if you have a two buttons mouse) has a “pattern” submenu with “copy” item. On its right, the shortcut should be available. On PC is LCTRL+F4 for copy and LCTRL+F5 for paste.

  2. search for “sidechaining” in the forum. there are some tricks about it. there is no sidechaining built-in DSP in Renoise, however

  3. no. you can “move” it by keeping ALT and left click pressed, and move the mouse.

  4. no, there is no separate groove settings for tracks

replace LCTRL for the command key.

Oh there were system shortcuts defined on command f4 + f5… That’s why it did not work.

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