Some Questions


Is it possible to automate the Attack, sustain n release on samples?

The “Process Track DSP’s” in the Sample Editor… I have to do it on each and every single sample in the instrument. Can i effect/convert all the samples in an instrument at one time?

Or when i render from a VST, is it possible to render with DSPs?

Monophonic/ “Chord Mode” in the Sample Editor. Can this be done, or do i have to press the chord mode in the Pattern Editor every time i wanna change from mono- to polyphonic, or the other way around.

Far as i know, it’s not possible internally. You could use vst sampler to do this though.

I’m affraid it’s not possible to render instrument directly with dsp’s, not that i see much point in that either, especially if there is delays or reverbs in the chain. You can render track with some notes and chop it as an instrument.

a rough way to do something like this is using command 0Exx, which can change the offset of the currently playing envelope, and 0Sxx, which can change the starting point of the sample. These parameter cannot be automated as of version 2.8

Thank you guys.

Just learning:)

In the olden days they used to keep samples and instruments separate, so if one needed to use a different ASDR it was easily done by creating several instruments that have different envelopes all assigned to a single sample. In Renoise to do the same one could duplicate the instrument and change its envelopes as needed, but that would also duplicate all the samples since they are treated as a part of the instrument thus increasing the file size.

For example, if one needed three instruments with three different attack times, panning change and so on, one would simply create three empty instruments assigning them to a single sample which would not increase the file size by a lot. All one needed is to use the one that was needed in the required channel. However some of the big grey beards who learned tracking before instruments were introduced never learned to appreciate their simplicity and instead were wacking in the necessary volume and panning values in the effect columns.

As the result all the space on their patterns was like 90% full with them trying to micromanage volume slides, panning variations, note slides and all that. Editing that would be a nightmare if you decided that this sample might need a different ADSR since you would have to trawl the whole module to update all the values by hand.

Thanks! This is actually a question i’ve had for some time but I didn’t know how to ask, but it’s not possible by keyboard atm afaik. There’s some more shortcuts like this, like Esc does not handle recording on/off in every screen. However there’s a midi trigger for chord mode which works wherever, but a kb thing might have to be scripted (I understand the option is mainly for recording but it can really be handy for ‘prehearing’/testing too)