Some random ReWire observations

O.K first bug
Renoise as rewire slave …( reaper is rewire master )
Render selection to sample in renoise = rendered sample way too fast playback speed

doesn’t always happen

I’m slaving madtracker to Renoise, and this works as expected :slight_smile:

Renoise as slave

Navigating trough pattern ( up :down ) feels sluggish , not smooth

How fast is your computer? What is the host application? Sluggish compared to what other apps in comparison? Etc.

A little more attention to detail pays off in testing. General observations, not much. Effort appreciated.


When you’re slaving madtracker to renoise …means renoise is the host
This works verry well…
Reaper as host and renoise as slave on the other hand …
I will probably use renoise as a master …feels so much better ( mentaly :rolleyes: )

Working on quad core pc for the moment
With sluggish I mean not verry smoooooooooooooooooooth , up and down scrolling in the pattern , making selections etc
This could ofcourse be something within reaper …don’t know …don’t have any other host to test it at the moment .
On a few occasions the render to selection to sample ( renoise as slave, reaper master ) was totally of beat …way too fast …can’t seem to reproduce this …;will give it another shot
…this only happens when reoise is rewire slave …renoise as master works like a charm

Yes, repositioning while playing back will always be slower than usual as slave. Renoise has no direct control over the playback as slave. It has to gently “ask” the master to reposition, which takes either a short or long time or can be neglected by the master… While stopped, this should be as fast as usual though.

rebirth is slaving nicely to Renoise.

Could you give us some info about then this happens/happend to you?

Cubase 4.5 is master, Renoise is slave - just works!! No sluggishness when navigating the patterns (in edit mode). I wonder though why the odd numbered busses (1,3,5,7 aso) are left/right mono while the even numbered busses are stereo coupled…?

Renoise is master, Cubase is slave. Problems with my ASIO-driver locking sound - no sound from Cubase. Not sure what causes this…

Intel QuadCore, Vista 64.

Cubase unfortunately only supports the ReWire master mode.

Haha, damn, I knew that… or I should’ve remembered it at least… ;)

Anyway, about the mono/stereo behaviour of the busses - is this in Renoise or should I look deeper in Cubase for the solution for this… seems odd that I have to have 2 mono-channels for all the odd numbered busses and 1 stereo for all the even numbered…

Do you start Cubase through the ReWire device from within Renoise or did you started Cubase autonomously?

In case of the latter:Did you started Cubase first or last?

An audio application will always try to link to the audio driver when getting started. Only when being slaved through ReWire, it specifically knows it should not.
Some hosts do a nice check to see if there is already another host which runs as ReWire master and offers you to start as a slave, but not all hosts do that unfortunately.

The safest procedure is if you want Renoise as master:
Start Renoise first
Add a ReWire-In device to any track
Select the host you want to slave to Renoise in the ReWire in device.

Is your host not listed?
-It might not support ReWire slave mode
-It might not have ReWire properly installed
-The host has a bug.

I am trying to slave madtracker 2 (non-pro) with renoise. I only get channels 0 to 7, from which i can choose one at a time. Meaning no master channels. I have no idea why.