Some Redux suggestions: Mixer, Drum Keyzone Mode, Drag out .wav Loop to DAW

Nerve from Xfer (Drum Machine Plugin) has this great feature where you can just quickly drag out a rendered version of you loop to the daw, would be a great feature for Redux patterns.

Would also be great to have a simple 16 knob volume mixer (with pages if there are more samples) at the top (where also the Macros reside). If you use Redux / Sampler as a drum module it would be handy to be able to set the volume relationships of the individual samples quickly this way.

Also maybe consider changing the Modulation section to a Modulation Mixer section, meaning that if a sample is set to “none” it wouldn’t sound at all if trigged, and if it’s set to multiple Modulation Sets it would sound multiple times (with individual pitch, volume, pan mod settings). This would be so great for doing pan, pitch, delay modulations on the right and left channel to widen and experiment on a single sample and also allows you to build Sample Banks that can be played across octaves (simply set all to none that you don’t like to sound).

I also wouldn’t mind an additional GM Drum Pad Assign mode in Addition to the Keyzone Mode.