Some Renoise Songs By Giga.monk

Hello All,

I just uploaded some tracks to myspace/gigamonk

Of those six track, these are the ones that were made using Renoise:

Cherry Bits 16

Style 7-up! FRESH

DataKRUSH 001


and peace to the RENOISE KREW!

I like your style. With Cherry and 7up it’s nice to here something upbeat with some jazzy types of chords, I love these types of sounds and how you take them for ride.

controlled charisma is prolly my favorite though.
add me to your friends. I sent over a request. :yeah:

Cool, Thanks…

Will do.


Just wanted to let you I added another renoise mp3 to my page. The song is called China Transit System.


and peace to all the Renoise Krew.