Some Shortcut Keys Don't Work

I can do Shift-Alt-V or Ctrl-V until I’m grey but they don’t work.

Ctrl-T (add track) and Ctrl-Shift-T (delete track) work.
Ctrl-C (which I put to Copy device chain) and Ctrl-V (Paste device chain) don’t.


Are you sure the DSP area has keyboard focus?
Copy/paste of chains only work if the DSP area has keyboard focus, those keyboard shortcuts are not global unfortunately (in spite of what the context menu tends to make you believe, this is only true once the keyboard focus story matches) :

Ok I see it now, but all this “click here to focus, Ctrl-C, then click there to focus, Ctrl-V” is actually slower and defeats the purpose of using shortcuts. It’s now faster to disable this focus feature and continue using right-mouse clicks as I’ve done all the time.

Indeed, lots of methodologies do not fasten the pace. The keyboard only has so many keys and only so many combinations are possible to make with them.
The demand for more shortcuts for many other areas can be realised this way, but it costs global functionality.
You can also switch areas using ctrl-tab or hit ALT-left mouse to force focus.
I personally do not need to switch focus that often, for copy and paste device chain, i switch between pattern view and mixer view using keys F2 and F6, in that manner the focus also stays on the center area but allows you to use the copy/paste device chain keys.
This works a tidy bit faster ;).
You can redefine your custom views for switching by right-clicking the preset button next to the pattern focus lock icon. Each figure is linked to its corresponding Function key.

maybe there should be a way to define a shortcut as global in the “keys” preferences section