Some sliders/parameters of VST3 Gem Dopamine Sliders are not showing up

so, i haven’t noticed this like in ages, cuz i haven’t been using this tape-like saturation effect much.
with the buzz-vst3-workaround solution i had all them sliders when clicking on “Show/Hide Parameter Sliders”.
this pulldown menu doesn’t exist anymore when using gem dopamine vst3 properly with renoise v3.3.

i dont know if it’s a bug or not. but it did work before.
as you can see, the pulldown(or pullup) button doesn’t exist, but there are more than 3 values which can be adjusted. they’re not showing up, though.



this is what the vst2 version looks like.


The list of internal parameters in VST3 plugins can be huge, as this also includes MIDI mapping parameters and some internal ones, so we’re only showing parameters which are flagged as “automatable” and which are not flagged as “read-only” in our GUI. I guess those parameters are meant to be automatable, but they forgot to set the correct flags.

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