Some small workflow improvement suggestions

While I remember there are some stuff that I thought might be improved:

When duplicate track including pattern it would be nice if it also duplicated phrases that the track contains

If fx on track has an fx alias then renaming fx on the track should also rename the alias.

In advanced edit instrument section would be nice if I wouldn`t have to scroll through all the instruments from 00 up until i get to the instrument I need but also could scroll downwards, lets say I have 13 instruments, then I just press left arrow next to 00 and it would start scrolling down from 0C.

In sampler view it would be cool to have a sample preview by clicking on the activity square left of the sample name (maybe the same functionality also in instrument box, square triggering the basenote of instrument for a quick preview or something like that)

In plugin view toggling the pin button could open the plugin editor, otherwise while editing phrase I have to go to instrument box which usually is hidden and also is on the other side of the screen.

edit: Ah remebered one more:

In sample editor it would be super awesome to be able to wrap sample around the edges so to speak, just like using rotate tool for editor. (in Reaper you can do it when press alt while dragging the waveform, very useful)