Some Stuff I Made

Hi, I recently bought renoise.
I have been using the demo for a year now, and I think thats way too long.

Anyway, I have been making music just for myself, haven’t publicly uploaded it untill now.
So here are 5 tracks I’ve made:

I’d like to know what you think about it.

Sounds consistent as a bunch of tracks, they all have the same style, C64 (very loosely) breakbeat :)

Some bits kinda reminded me of ‘Jega’ who’s on the same label as a mate of mine.

I just think you need to polish your production a bit more, but you deffo have your own style nailed. :)

i like the tunes
but I think the melodies could be made more interesting. it’s all a bit samey :)
and I like it when your tunes get those gabber kicks going, makes me grin like a retard

Thanks for the feedback, I am working on a new track kind of in the same style but more time spent on getting it to sound right.
I have created 3 drum kits with the sounds of an amen, think and funky drummer break (Instead of using loops)

I’m not good at making my melodies interesting, I never had a lesson in music (except some ebooks and sites).

Really good stuff!
This reminds me of a fellow demoscene friend back in the late 90’s.

Awesome stuff!
I’d suggest you work on your sounds. They sound very “preset”. Also, I agree with the “sameness” critique.

Keep us informed of your progress.


My sounds aren’t preset, they are mostly just saw and square waves without much tweaking.

I purchased this 2 days ago.
It’s my first midi controller so it took me some time to figure out how to program it, I hope I can create more variation in my melody with this.
The drum pads are fun to use, I still suck at it though :P

Would be nice if the play and record buttons in renoise would have midi support (cause of the play and pause buttons on the axiom 25), however they are re programmable to use for something completely different.

Thats my progress at the moment, gonna try finishing my new tune with my midi keyboard.

Added a new tune (Hall of Warps), doesn’t seem necessary to me to open up a new topic.

Its on my virb, its on top of the play list.
Like to hear opinions.