Some Suggestions

Hey, I’ve got some I think important suggestions:

Renoise’s filter envelopes are quite useless for me since the base cutoof of the envelope cannot be modified on song’s fly. I don’t want to modify the whole signal with a filter effect on the track, I want to control the envelope itself. Usually cut/res envelopes have two values named cutoff (which is the base cutoof of the envelope) and the envelope amplitude. It would be good to have such a control in Renoise. A cutoff slider/knob/whatever would also prove useful since often the envelope is used only to cut the sound to one value, it would be much more comfortable to assign the cutoff with a single move of a knob or something.

hmmm… Maybe I don’t know about something, but I can’t enter chords easilly since I have to enter all the notes one after another. It would be nice to enter chords with one hit on the keyboard. Without recording. Or is it already possible?

The current Spectrum analyser is practically useless since we don’t know which frequencies it shows. Also it looks like it’s range of frequencies is very wide. Why not increasing the range and placing small scale under/above the analyser, so we actually see what frequencies are shown?

That’s all for now, but I’ll think about more :P

You can always hold left shift and then enter the notes one by one. This will keep the cursor from jumping down one line and also create new columns if needed…

But one hit on the chord would still be a faster metod.

I agree totally - the way shift-entering chords works now doesn’t seem quite useful to me either.

I also agree 100%! Was just trying to point out a workaround… I have requested this before as well and I think it would be a vast improvement in user friendliness, especially when entering chords from MIDI keyboard. My suggestion is the pattern should jump down to the next line when all keys have been released, instead of when the first note has been hit as it works now.


about envelope new options: :yeah:

about sample editor:
we discussed this a lot in the past. I thnk that the best option in terms of developing time and efficiency would be supporting Windows Clipboard in ReNoise, so that you could copy a sample from ReNoise, paste and edit it into you favourite sample editor, and paste it back to ReNoise.

This action should also retain loop data and similar stuff.

I totally agree about the spectrum analyzer. The actual one is useless IMHO… There are no low frequencies and there are no values…

Yeah… what happend to that windows clipboard? :unsure:

Its one of those bloddy irritating things that at least to me happen quite often. You wanna edit the sample and have to find a saving location,save,find the file,load,edit,save and then reload into renoise… huh… :blink:
would be marvellous to just do this very fast with windows clipboard.
A must have :)

About the loop points. The trick is (workaround and a feature) about windows clipboard is that you can copy parts of the sample back and forth. So if you make a looped sample that has some unlooped content before the loop, you first copy the looped part from editor, then set the looppoints in renoise, and finally copy the entire sample from editor to renoise and you will have a perfect looped sample in renoise.

I loop samples in editors quite a lot, using lots of manual set crossfadings etc in cool edit pro. A windows clipboard would be a dream to me :)