Some Suggestions

I think it would be good to add some sort of storage place for unused patterns? I know that when you don’t put it in the pattern matrix it is still available unless you choose “delete all unused patterns” somehow it would be nice to see be abe to the patterns somewhere even if they’re not being used. I always insert few empty patterns at the end of the project and then put all unused patterns there but it’s really confusing (like on the screenshot). Also some kind of drag & drop thing instead of having to insert the pattern number if you want to change the order of the patterns would be a nice feature. I used FL briefly and there was this thing called “Playlist” I think, something in that direction would be nice. A better visualisation of the project, which would make it all a lot easier.
I really like renoise but this is the only thing that should be different if you ask me, I use renoise for over a year now and it really took some time to getting used to, not sure if I’m really used to it actually.

2863 Screen shot 2012-01-08 at 6.11.45 PM.png

In the new version of Renoise (2.8) you can add sections, and drag these sections around.

Rename “Verse” to “Unused Patterns”, problem solved?

Ah sweet, haven’t looked that much into the new one yet, I’m still on 2.7 I will get 2.8 when the final release is there :) Looks promising!

With the new Keep Sequence Sorted mode I have mentioned it may be good to have any patterns removed from the main sequence added to the end after a special type of this separator, which then isn’t played in normal song playing but you can scroll to it manually. Currently they are added to the end of the patterns list after a space of one blank pattern, which may not be immediately obvious to a lot of people…


just a little thought. how about a Play section button on the tagline section row in the matrix sequencer?
… think it could be kinda neat during live performance.